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About Sara

Empowering Lives and Shaping Health Narratives for Brighter Days Ahead

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Sara Kavanaugh is a Nashville resident, but her roots stretch back to Michigan, where she grew up and nurtured her dreams at a health and wellness company. Now, as a devoted wife and mother of two, she has embarked on a unique journey—one fueled by a passion for proactive well-being for those facing a hereditary cancer risk.


As a 'previvor' marked by both Lynch Syndrome and CHEK2 mutations, Sara understand the powerlessness that strikes when discovering these hereditary cancer markers. The uncertainty, the weight of its impact on her family's future—it once overwhelmed her. The prospect of a life tethered to screenings seemed insurmountable, until she realized its conquerability.


You may know Sara as the host of "The Positive Gene Podcast," a platform armed with tools to illuminate the complexity of life with a hereditary cancer risk and to guide you, or if you're a health care provider, your patients, through it with clarity and understanding.


Through our engaging conversations with experts, we'll unravel the complexities in a way that's accessible and informative for individuals or the health care provider serving them. Sara's belief is that education should never intimidate; thus, she strives to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and our everyday lives.


Contrary to the notion that heightened risk dims life's vibrancy, Sara is a firm believer in the opposite. Armed with the right resources, we can and will cultivate remarkable resilience in the face of such challenges.


Although we all dream of a world untouched by hereditary cancer, reality paints a different picture. Hence, Sara's mission is clear: to arm families with crucial information. By doing so, we dissolve anxiety, instill proactive decision-making, and nurture lives that are not only longer but brimming with vitality.


Together, we'll reshape the narrative of hereditary health, infusing it with knowledge, resilience, and the promise of brighter days.

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